Dedicated to the people and preservation of Santa Monica.


Who is Terence Later?

If anyone understands Santa Monica and all of her majesty on a deeply rooted level it’s me. I am a Santa Monica born, third generation Santa Monica citizen and have lived here all my life. My family and myself have helped build this city to greatness and have contributed both fiscally and physically and have ties to many of Santa Monica’s longest standing businesses and 91,000 citizens.

I attended Will Rogers, John Adams, Lincoln, Olympic, Samohi, SMC and UCLA and have lived in neighborhoods from Santa Monica to Ocean Park to north of Montana as a renter and business owner. I have tremendous pride for our school district, our parks, our beaches and every community that makes up our wonderful city. 

Over the years I have seen Santa Monica grow from a little seaside town into a thriving metropolis. This growth has come with its upside and downside. When elected I will strive to make Santa Monica a cleaner, greener, safer place to raise our families. 


Why elect Terence Later for City Council?

“The needs of this community are my needs. I will strive for better communication between all members of our community. I will make sensible expenditure of taxpayers funds a priority. Tax reform, traffic, safe parks, recreation areas and safety in our schools will also be a priority.”

• I will demand transparency and government accountability by voting NO on Prop SM, as I did working tirelessly to defeat Prop W in 2006. 

•  I am a supporter of the Land Use Voter Empowerment - Measure LV and support responsible development just as I did in supporting Prop T 2008, limiting traffic and producing parking alternatives for residents of Santa Monica.

• I will work to allocate our city resources to strengthen our Police and Fire departments and most importantly, offer solutions and support for improving our schools.

• I will work to cease the legal battle with the FAA in an effort to save the Santa Monica airport.

• I will work to maintain Rent Control as it stands. Senior exemptions and sunset clauses for tax and bond initiatives.

• I will work to set aside a portion of our shoreline for a Dog beach which has been long anticipated and long overdue.

• I will work to expand and maintain our parks, protect our city’s environment and keep our beaches clean.


Ready to help?




What else does Terence Later stand for?

As your Councilman I will:

Be accountable in representing the 91,000+ citizens of Santa Monica. Making sure City Hall deals honestly with residents by connecting fees to actual costs of services. City staff are public servants, not “back door” tax collectors.

Protect our city’s historic sites and landmarks such as the 5th Street post office, the Senior Center in Palisades Park, 1601-1619 Ocean Front Walk, and bring back and protect our religious freedoms of the 57-year tradition in our nativity scenes and menorah in Palisades Park. (Did you know that on October 8th, 2012, the iconic Chez Jay was landmarked due to influence by Vote Now For Later).

Continue to demand transparency and government accountability. I worked tirelessly along with Ralph Nader’s team to defeat Prop W in 2006, and mandate The Oaks Initiative. Prop W, if passed, would have gutted the anti-corruption rules passed decisively by 59% of Santa Monica voters in 2000.

Support responsible limited growth and development in Santa Monica. I worked with Bobby Shriver, Ted Winterer and Kevin McKeown on Prop T in 2008 to limit development which will limit traffic. 

Produce sensible parking alternatives for residents as I did in 2006. New parking meter technology should be conducive to parking restriction signs so as to reduce the overall amount of tickets- meters should not accept money if a sign indicates that parking is unavailable at that time. Additionally, make the fines and the appeals process for parking tickets more equitable for residents. 

Implement a hangtag for residents only to park on meters and in the structures for free. 

Maintain Rent Control as it stands today. No new taxes. Put senior exemptions and sunset clauses into any future bond initiatives. I fought for this language to be placed in Prop V in 2006 and will continue to pursue it. After the initial $240 million was reached on the tax bill, Prop V remained in their explanation “for future Prop V related projects to be determined”. The wording on these bond initiatives need to be in favor of the residents- especially the seniors.

In 2012, I was the only candidate for maintaining the airport as it stands today. No other candidate in that race would promise the land in absence of the airport would be a people’s park. The goals for those who wish to close the airport coincides with hunger for development and the dollars behind said developments. For instance, 2012 candidate Armen Melkonian came into the race connected to Playa Vista. Mister Melkonian is now partnered with Residocracy. Recently another candidate and I searched for his credentials regarding Playa Vista and they could not be located at all on the internet.  

We need the Santa Monica airport in case of an emergency. Many seismologists agree that the “Big One” is due or long overdue. In the situation of a disaster, Santa Monica airport would be able to bring thousands of emergency workers in a single landing and evacuate thousands out injured in a single airlift. 

Our Santa Monica airport has a restricted airspace of roughly 8 square miles. If the airport is taken away, our restricted airspace goes with it. Height limitations for developers stretching on the take-off and landing patterns would drastically change, with 20 stories becoming the norm.

We as residents are tired of the city council redlining the budget and exploiting the senior citizens, school children and renters for answers to their poor management of our city’s resources.

Set aside a portion of our shoreline for a dog beach.

Work to allocate our city resources to strengthen our Police and Fire departments. Expand and maintain our parks.

Protect our city’s environment and keep our beaches clean.

And the most important priority: Supporting and improving our schools. Our city’s annual budget is in excess of $800 million dollars. I agreed with Mayor Bobby Shriver that the added sales tax initiative was not necessary. What is necessary is a balanced city budget. It’s a shame our City Council obliges our elementary school students to stand in front of our grocery stores and on street corners selling lemonade and candy to fund their arts programs, physical education, and health services.


“We must work to protect our landmarks and bring back our city's values and traditions.”